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Portrait of British-born actor Elizabeth Taylor in a form-fitting green dress as she sits with her head tilted back exposing her neck, circa 1950s. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images) Done T624601_25

Prince Harry ‘very glad’ to walk behind Diana’s coffin

Image copyright PA Prince Harry has said he is “very glad” he joined the funeral cortege for his mother, Princess Diana. Harry had previously said walking behind her coffin aged 12 was something no child “should be asked to do”. He has now told the BBC he doesn’t “have an opinion whether that was right […]

Nigeria’s Boko Haram conflict: Huge rise in child ‘human bombs’

Image copyright AFP Image caption The Boko Haram insurgency has devastated many lives across north-eastern Nigeria There has been a significant increase in the number of children used as human bombs by Boko Haram militants in north-east Nigeria, the United Nations says. Unicef reports there have been 83 cases so far this year – four […]

Nigerian president to ‘work from home’ after rat infestation

Image copyright Reuters Image caption Muhammadu Buhari has returned to Nigeria after two prolonged spells of medical leave this year Nigeria’s president will spend three months working from home after his office was damaged by rats. Muhammadu Buhari has just returned from three months in the UK, amid widespread concerns over his health. But government […]

Barcelona attack: Suspects ‘planned to hit key monuments’

Media captionThe four suspects were transferred to a Madrid jail on Monday night The cell behind the Barcelona van attack had planned to use explosives against monuments including the city’s famous Sagrada Familia church, a suspect has told a Madrid court. Mohamed Houli Chemlal is one of four surviving suspects who gave evidence. He and […]

China relaunches world’s fastest train

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption A high-speed train crash led to an investigation which found widespread corruption in the railway ministry China’s fleet of high-speed trains is set once again to become the world’s fastest. The top speed of the Fuxing or “rejuvenation” bullet trains was capped at 300km/h (186mph) in 2011 following two […]

US Afghanistan: Tillerson ups pressure on Pakistan

Image copyright Reuters Image caption Mr Tillerson suggested Pakistan could lose some privileges American Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has increased pressure on Pakistan over its perceived backing for the Taliban in Afghanistan. Pakistan denies sheltering the Taliban, but Mr Tillerson suggested it could lose US privileges if the government failed “to change their posture”. […]

How Muslim women won divorce battle

Image copyright Getty Images The Indian Supreme Court has ruled that the controversial practice of instant divorce in Islam is unconstitutional. It is being hailed as a huge victory by rights activists. But the battle was not easy, as the BBC’s Geeta Pandey in Delhi explains. Over the years, Muslim women in India have complained […]

Has Harry Potter cursed Indonesia’s owls?

Since the runaway success of the Harry Potter series some Indonesians have started keeping owls as pets. More owls are being sold and conservationists are worried about the impact on the population in the wild. Produced by: Rebecca Henschke, Haryo Wirawan and animation by Davies Christian. Has Harry Potter cursed Indonesia’s owls?}

European Court of Justice not necessary or appropriate, says UK

Media captionWhy the fuss about the European Court of Justice? The UK is to tell the EU it is “neither necessary nor appropriate” for the European Court of Justice (ECJ) to police their relationship after Brexit. The government wants a “deep and special partnership” with the EU – while staying clear of the ECJ’s jurisdiction, […]

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