UK raises concern over Lille security

Media captionA French prosecutor says there were around 150 Russian “hooligans” who travelled to Marseille “well-prepared for violence”

The FA has “serious concerns” about security in Lille, where England fans and Russian supporters are set to gather for this week’s Euro 2016 matches, chairman Greg Dyke has said.

England fans are due to be in Lille ahead of Thursday’s match against Wales in nearby Lens, while Russia play Slovakia in the city on Wednesday.

Prosecutors say 150 Russian hooligans were behind the violence in Marseille.

Six England fans were jailed after Russia played England on Saturday.

Five England fans have been jailed for throwing bottles at police and a sixth jailed in connection with the violence which broke out over three days in the city.

Two Russians have been arrested, both for a pitch invasion.

Both teams face expulsion by Uefa, the organisers of Euro 2016, if there is any further violence.

“We understand there is to be an alcohol ban across the host cities and we would welcome this, particularly in Lille on Wednesday where many English fans have been asked to gather ahead of Thursday’s match against Wales in Lens,” Mr Dyke wrote in a letter to Uefa.

“We have, following consultation with the authorities, advised our supporters without tickets for the match in Lens to congregate there, and whilst we will be working hard to positively influence their behaviour we have serious concerns around the security arrangements for the city in the next few days.

“These concerns are heightened with the knowledge that Russia will play in Lille on Wednesday afternoon.”

Mr Dyke also rejected the suggestion that England fans were at fault for scenes inside the Stade Velodrome following the match with Russia.

He said the stewarding in the stadium was “unacceptable”.

“A minority of English fans were clearly involved in some of those incidents and that is extremely disappointing to us all, but please also recognise that tens of thousands have behaved in a positive way,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, England manager Roy Hodgson and captain Wayne Rooney appealed directly to fans to “behave themselves”.

And Wales fans without tickets for Thursday’s Euro 2016 match against England have been urged not to travel to host city Lens or nearby Lille.

Media captionEngland boss Roy Hodgson & Wayne Rooney urge fans to avoid trouble

UK raises concern over Lille security

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